We are a Stockholm based design studio, working within the fields of interiors, furnitures and products.

Furniture and decor that breathes sustainable and smart design throughout traditional crafts and modern techniques. ODDA Design Studio is a Stockholm-based design studio that wants tomorrow to last a little longer.

– What we do should be equally relevant and desirable in the future, says Hanna Wik who together with Robert Wettebrandt runs the studio.

ODDA Design Studio, a duo consisting of former Beckmans College of Design students Hanna Wik and Robert Wettebrandt, have only been around for a few years. But the studio have already cooperated with actors such as DUX, Karl Andersson & Söner, Ekdahls and Kasthall in several praised projects.

– We try to strive to create designs that are smart in their functions and production. We like traditional crafts and modern techniques in pure materials and exciting colors. We try to avoid trends and instead work with designs that stays in an environment, both in terms of using of the design and not getting tired of the design, says Robert Wettebrandt.

Earlier in the autumn of 2019, ODDA Design Studio launched a number of furnitures through a major renovation and reopening of Institut suédois in Paris. The whole project has been organized by Swedish Design Moves, an organization that works to spread the Swedish design tradition abroad.

– For Institut suédois in Paris we have produced products for the interior at the institute itself, but with several of the manufacturers we have started a dialogue to start a production of the products, which of course would be a dream come true, says Hanna Wik.

In 2020, one of ODDA Design Studios’ biggest launches to date will take place through a collection of outdoor furniture inspired by nature in collaboration with Glänta Design.

– Our hopes are to continue the work on sustainability. Both when it comes to the materials and production, but also in the design choices. What we create today should be equally relevant and desirable in the future, says Hanna Wik, adding:

– Thinking about the aging and construction of the materials has become a major part of the work for a designer and that is also how we want to work.


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Hanna Wik
Co-founder, Designer
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Robert Wetterbrandt
Co-founder, Designer
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