Furniture Design

Flexible modular sofa series with easy assembly.

Day is an elegant sofa collection that we have designed for the furniture manufacturer Inoff. The brief from Inoff was to create a modern sofa that could be easily adjusted in length and be able to offer different types of seating and storage areas.

Day is a flexible modular series with nozag seat and cold foam that is easily assembled and which can subsequently change expression. The furniture legs, which are lacquered, are based on pairs of legs with adjustable feet, which are combined with braces in two different lengths if you want a two-seater or three-seater. For the stand, you then choose seat parts, either only a seat or with a back or back and side/armrests. The seats are upholstered, and split upholstery is possible. The position of the seating parts can be changed afterward and if you want a tabletop on any part of the sofa, it is possible, see table Day.

Photo: Inoff

Text: Inoff and ODDA

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