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A unique old apartment with its beautiful details, such as old wooden floors, deep window niches, and working tiled stoves.

There is something very special about old apartments and beautiful details, such as old wooden floors, deep window niches, and working tiled stoves.

During the spring of 2020, a great deal of work has been done with a complete renovation of the apartment together with ODDA. The idea is that when the grown-up children now are moving out, Lotta and Olof will be able to live in an adult apartment again, with a sober bedroom and many living areas for invitations.

Daily, Lotta works at SJ and Olof at SEB, so interior design and furniture are not something they do in their everyday life, but that does not make it any less important to feel comfortable in their home. Since interior design is neither their profession nor hobby, it was obvious for them to enlist the help of interior designers.
“- We contacted ODDA Design Studio in connection with our children starting to move out of our old apartment from the 20th century. We needed to think about the functions of the entire apartment and make a real renovation lift. Hanna and Robert have helped us through this entire process from planning, developing solution proposals and associated educational mood boards to color and furniture choices, and guiding around various interior details. ”

“- A strong advantage in the project was also ODDA’s experience of furniture design, which has come in handy when we wanted to tailor solutions such as display cabinets and TV benches; something that may be needed in a bit cramped older apartments. ”

A wish from the family was to have a cozy workroom in one of the children’s old rooms. Especially now that working from home has become a new standard, Lotta wanted a distinct place in the apartment to be able to work undisturbed. In the study, it is a beautiful green wall color that sets the tone for the inviting and warm atmosphere.

“- Characteristic of the collaboration with Hanna and Robert is their sensitivity and perseverance with a relatively ignorant customer, their solution orientation, and creativity. It has been both inspiring and safe to have them by your side throughout the project and I can highly recommend them! ”


Photographer: Jenny Unnegård

Text: ODDA with quotes from Lotta Lindén

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