Furniture Design

Traditional yet modern cabinet and divider for Ekdahls

Our collaboration with the Swedish family owned furniture producer Ekdahls started out in the beginning of 2019. Ekdahls produces quality made wood furnitures for the contract market. The craftsmanship and finish of their products are made with perfection. When we started the design process of our cabinet made out of ash wood and a webbing of linen, we got great insight and help from their expertise in cabinet making. The inspiration comes from old Swedish cabinets, often made with a decorative painted front, but this time with a twist.

We also designed linen cabinets in different sizes in the same range, but we also wanted to make something bespoke for the room at Hôtel du Marle. Since there is no artwork on the walls of room 6, we wanted to showcase design on the walls instead, and the result was this functional and decorative divider.

Photo: Josefin Stein

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